Information about 121 Engineering

121 Engineering is at present a free lancerer with more than 30 years experience.

121 Engineering can be hired in for site project engineering, coordination and engineering activities.

121 Engineering can also assist with smaller out-sourced instrumentation project specialising in instrument calculations and

specifications. Electrical engineering and CAD work can also be supplied and coordinated using reliable external sources.

121 Engineering experience included:

-   4 years instrumentation apprentership in Nuclear fuels (BNFL UK)

-   6 years maintenance instrumentation (Nuclear, plastics and petro-chems)

-   3 years maintenance analysers (petro-chems)

-   3 years instrument design (petro-chems)

-   6 years instrument engineering (petro-chems, chemicals)

-   3 years instrument and electrical engineering (chemicals)

-   9 years department head by two Engineering Buro's

-   4 years project engineer and coordinator (plastics and terminals)



Tel: 0031 (0)6 34 768 568